Catalyst Accessories

GISio has developed a series of items that can be used together with the Trimble Catalyst GNSS (not included!) :

Catalyst for Photomontages bundle

Below bundle is making it easy to use the Catalyst to create super precise Photomontages. A Photomontage is the process of adding artificial items to a photo, like wind turbines, PV plants, buildings, roads etc.:

Bundle description:

Holder for battery. Attach the battery to Catalyst for easy placing on the camera and the ranging rods
These knobs can be drilled into the top of ranging rods, enabling to place the Catalyst on these. There is six in the bundle.
These can be put in the cameras hotshoe, making it possible to place the Catalyst on top of the camera. There are two in the bundle.
Marker for ranging rods. Making it easy to find it in the photo when working in windPRO Photomontage. There are three in the bundle.

Contact for price and availability.

SiteVision iPad connector

SiteVision is a tool for showing 3D elements as augmented reality (AR), and it requires a Catalyst. This is a single item that makes it possible to attach the Catalyst to a Unicorn Beetle Pro Rugged Case:

Contact for price and availability.

This item was developed and tested with this setup:

  1. An iPad PRO 2022 11”.
  2. An Unicorn Beetle Pro Rugged Case.
  3. A Catalyst DA2 GPS:
  4. A SiteVision license:
  5. A USB-C to USB-A 3.0 Adapter for powering the Catalyst from the iPad:
  6. A windPRO SketchUp integration tool license (for placing the 3D model correctly in SiteVision)).

This video shows how SiteVision can be used to show a PV plant, and other items. In the video an older setup is used, but the principle is the same: